Islam liberated women 1437 years ago?

As you can tell by the title I am going to talk about how the greatest religion on earth liberated women 1437 years ago.

I am sorry. How can anyone say that with a straight face?

But no seriously, how many times has that phrase or the like been tossed around. “Islam gave women rights before anyone else did.” or as is stated in the title “Islam liberated women 1437 years ago.”

First, let me correct that statement.

Islam allowed the liberation of free women.

Women were regarded as nothing more than property that was exchanged between men and baby girls were often buried alive in the desert by their fathers. So when a new religion popped up saying hey guys maybe women aren’t property, of course, that was liberating.
Well here is the kicker, it was only Free women that were declared not property, slave women were still regarded on the same level of pots and pans.

The hijab was used as a means to distinguish between slaves and free women. Before any Muslims lovingly tells me Islam treats everyone as equal and that I’ve made this up, here is a little Hadeeth from Anas ibn Malik who is regarded as being trustworthy and one of the major narrators of Hadeeth.

He reported that: ‘Umar once saw a slave-girl that belonged to us (to Anas) wearing a scarf, so Umar hit her and told her: ‘Don’t assume the manners of a free woman.’

Go Women’s Rights?

Another proclamation by Muslims is that wearing the hijab is liberating because it means that they will not be sexualized by men.

Mate, sorry to break it to you, but there is such thing as a hijabi fetish. Lovely Mia has made a career out of it.

Women in Islam say that they choose to wear the hijab, but I can tell you right now that most of them don’t even know why they are wearing it.
They know that Allah tells them to because that’s what their parents told them which is what the imams told them, but can they name the ayats and surahs? No.
For reference, it is Al-Nur Ayat 31.
Now if the hijab was really a choice why do many Muslim women commonly refer to non-covering women as a candy that doesn’t have a wrapper on it, and then state who wants to eat an unwrapped candy?

These same women also refuse to acknowledge that there are women who have been forced to wear the hijab, they say things like “Oh but that isn’t the real Islam”.

Does that mean in the “real” Islam women don’t need to wear the hijab? But if that’s the case, why do some Muslim women degrade other women who don’t cover?

But what would happen to these women, who so religiously (Ha PUN) defend the hijab, removed it? Most say that they wouldn’t but I am curious. Is it the fear of Allah stopping them or fear of their father’s fists?

Have you ever wondered why older Muslim women don’t need to cover? I mean if the hijab is a religious and liberating thing, don’t you think that women would be wearing it till the day they die. Why are they given this option?

I’ll tell you.

Women who can no longer bear children do not have to wear the Hijab. Because they are no longer worth anything. They won’t be creating the next generation of little Muslims and so their value goes down. They are no longer regarded as desirable, so why would you need to cover up something that is not desired? She is no longer a precious little candy.