It’s lonely being ExMuslim

Being an ExMuslim is hard regardless if you are open or closeted if you have just left Islam or have been one for many years.  The fears, worries, and isolation can make you feel as though you are completely alone in the world.

I left my family.
I left my community.
I left everything I had known.
I thought I could be strong because this was what I wanted.
I was wrong.

You don’t notice it at first. The loneliness. The quietness.
It hit me a few months after I had left. Up until that moment, I had been constantly surrounded by my housemates and was busy working. I was alone in the house and the eeriness of silence made me long for my family and their chaos. I broke down and started crying. Another time was when I became severely injured and couldn’t walk. I was so used to the community pitching in to help that the hours upon hours I spent alone and in pain, made me long for that community feel.

I found myself becoming increasingly depressed which in turn resulted in isolating myself from others.

I felt like I had shattered into a million pieces and no matter how hard I tried to put myself back together, nothing would work. It was at this point that I started getting back in contact with Muslim who I had grown up with, craving that connection. But it wasn’t long before I realized that I had nothing in common with these Muslims. Every single thing they did was done with praise to Allah. They lived, breathed and defended Islam every time I critiqued it. I knew then that I couldn’t maintain contact with them without losing my mind.

I gathered those shattered pieces of me and slowly started gluing myself back together.

It sucks to lose everything I had known my entire life but I have learned how to love myself. I have built my own little family from all kinds of backgrounds and we all support and love each other.

I have moments where I wish I could just call my mother and ask her for advice, or catch up with my sisters and find out how their days had gone or see my youngest brother attend school for the first time. I have missed out on so much of their lives and they have missed out on so much of my life but Islam is a constant, obvious barrier between us.

Perhaps one day it won’t be.


5 thoughts on “It’s lonely being ExMuslim

  1. I hope it won’t. I always kick myself for randomly messaging people I knew and then just endlessly waiting for a response that I know I will never hear. Then I remind myself this is what they want, and if they want it, I should probably do the opposite to be a decent human who can sleep at night with no regrets in how I treat others out of nothing except my own desire to be a damn decent human. I don’t need threats of hell to do it, either.

    I hope you find peace this labor day weekend. Your writing is beautiful and I hope you continue

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  2. I’ve come from a very similar situation so I know somewhat what you’re going through. Our stories sound very similar.
    It’s a shame that religion cause’s people to treat people who share different views as castaway’s and can’t see past those views and interact normally with other people. I’m sorry you had to go through all of this but be proud of yourself that you stood up for what you believe in and took action to make a proper life for yourself based on what you believe. There are a lot of people that aren’t as brave as you to take that plunge.
    The community feeling is something that I think I’ll really miss when I have children. There were so many opportunities for kids to be social and do great activities but the cult I belonged to bred hatred and was a toxic environment. It’s a shame that there isn’t really any communities like that, that aren’t based on religion. A community where people meet up every week and just enjoy each others company and share food, hobbies and interests and activities for kids to get involved in. Maybe there are communities like that but I’m just not aware of them.
    Really enjoying reading through your blog, thanks for your sharing your experiences!

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  3. I’m so sorry to hear that, but we all are going through the same shit. Islam is such a cult religion, and its people more cult. I was on the brink of death by my own friends, thankfully I’m alive, I still don’t understand how I got outta that situation but I’m happy for whatever happened. But they still are behind me, my own sister betrayed me and is on their side, just because I left this cult religion. How brainwashed can one get? Religion have only made hatred against your own family in the love of some sex maniac who died 1400 years ago. I’m still not safe even though I didn’t open myself except to my sister and she betrayed me. I’ll have to leave this country for my life now, planning to move to Australia in a few months time, hope I’ll be safe there.

    I just hope, you too have a safe life, it’s really hurts to see us in such a pain. We ex-muslims are more like one body, if one part hurts, the other feel pain too. Muslims aren’t one body, they don’t feel pain when their fellow people get hurt, they only feel pain when someone blasphemous their cult warlord, Mo. I’m sorry for you, Nullifidian. But we’re on the same boat now, hope the sea lord saves us.


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